To properly manage the growth and development of the community by carrying out adopted Council policies, and providing professional expertise in the area of city planning.

To continue our commitment to providing high quality customer service to the various groups we serve, including builders, developers, land owners, neighborhood groups, city commissions, outside agencies and the citizens of the community.

To enhance the tax base and livability of the community by encouraging high quality growth and development.

 What is Planning?

The Planning division of Development Services provides guidance to help citizens, consultants, and developers achieve successful development. Our staff evaluates plans, tracks area needs, implements the Comprehensive Plan, and ensures compliance with applicable codes. 

The department also gives staff support and recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Historic Preservation Commission.

 The Planning Department's principal responsibilities are:

  • Developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Master Plan and Land Development Code;
  • Reviewing applications and development plans to ensure code compliance and compatibility with zoning and land use designations;
  • Providing an information center to assist citizens on projects pertaining to their property, neighborhood and throughout the city.