Flood Prone Properties


The City is currently buying out flood prone properties and residents may be forced to sell their homes. This is not true.


The City of San Marcos is looking into a variety of hazard mitigation options to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from natural disasters like floods. Hazard Mitigation projects may include, but are not limited to buyouts, assistance with elevation of structures and other measures. City staff is applying for hazard flood mitigation grants and other flood mitigation and disaster grants.

While federal grant funded voluntary property buyout programs may be an option, the City Council has not yet made a policy decision regarding flood mitigation programs. If a policy regarding buyouts is set residents will have the option of choosing whether or not they want to participate.
Once City Council adopts a mitigation plan the City will rely heavily on grants to fund the plan. If grants are awarded to the City it could take several years before funds are in place to begin a voluntary buyout program or any other type of mitigation program.

The City is asking some homeowners if they are interested in buyouts or other hazard mitigation programs when they fill out floodplain permits, but this is only a survey tool for informational purposes.